Do you suspect a leak in your pool or spa?

Do you find that you have to add water to your pool regularly, even small amounts? Perhaps you’ve ignored the problem because you attributed it to evaporation or splash-out. Even a small leak in your Crystal Lake pool can be a financial strain in water replenishment, chemical loss, heating bills, and the strain on your pool equipment, in addition to the frustration that comes along with the hassle of filling your pool every day.

Before you call your pool repair company of choice, you can test to see if you have a leak first. Take a bucket and fill it about an inch from the top with pool water. Set the bucket on the first step and mark both the inside water line and the outside water line on the bucket. Leave the bucket for at least 24 hours, then check the water levels. If both levels have dropped evenly, you may be losing water to evaporation. However, if the water level outside the bucket is less than the level inside, you probably have a leak and should call your Crystal Lake pool repair company right away.

Crystal Lake Pool Leak Repair at Pool Werks

Pool Werks has the necessary equipment and expertise to find your pool leak and create an action plan. If your pool only leaks when the equipment is on, this can indicate a pressure-side return leak. If your pool or spa only leaks when the equipment is off, it indicates a suction-side leak or a problem in the plumbing. Below are the steps that we take in determining the source of your pool leak:

Pressure Test – this test is the first step in pool leak detection. It involves the pool technician testing all of the plumbing lines for integrity. This process ensures that there is no water loss from your pool’s plumbing system. If a leak is found, we move to an Underground Sound Test.

Dye Test – once we confirm that the plumbing network is sound, we move to a dye test. We test any vulnerabilities we see in the pool or spa (cracks, tears in the liner, light housings, etc).

Underground Sound Test – if a leak in the plumbing is found, we use a hydrophone to locate exactly where the leak is, underground.

Keep in mind, finding pool leaks is a process of elimination. If your pool or spa has multiple leaks from different sources, we may need to perform one or all the steps to completely eliminate the leak(s). Once the leak(s) are located, we will provide you with a quote to fix the issue based on what pool repairs will be required. Contact us to schedule your leak assessment and pool repairs today!