Seasonal Pool Openings

Having a proper opening for your inground swimming pool ensures that you will be enjoying your pool much sooner when the swimming season starts. If you properly closed your pool at the end of the previous swimming season, opening your pool will be all that quicker and will result in less (or no) damage to your pool equipment. Below is everything that is included in your pool opening from Pool Werks:

  • Remove the pool cover
  • Rinse and fold Safety/Winter Pool Cover
  • Remove all winterizing plugs
  • Install handrails and diving boards
  • Refit returns, skimmer baskets, and accessories
  • Vacuum pool/spa and removal of debris (excessive debris will incur a charge)
  • Scrub and brush pool/spa shell

  • Drain spa and chemical wash (if applicable)
  • Flush winter cover anchors to deck
  • Reassemble equipment pad
    • Filtration system
    • Heater & equipment functionality
    • Test all pool features
  • Chemically treat pool/spa -3lbs shock and 1 qt algaecide are included
  • Pressure wash deck and pool features
  • Start the system

We recommend a drain and acid wash option for concrete and plaster pools that have excessive staining, rust or scale build up. During this pool cleaning process, the pool is drained and cleaned with chlorine and/or acid; the appropriate chemical is determined on site by our service technician.

Closing Your Pool For Winter

Choosing a quality pool service company that you can trust when it comes to closing your inground pool or spa, is one of the most important decisions you can make as an inground swimming pool owner. From simple closings to complex, our CPO (Certified Pool Operator) technicians will ensure your pool’s equipment and plumbing are protected from damage from freezing, and that the water is chemically balanced to avoid any damage to the pool surface. Additionally, our professional pool closing service will prevent any algae growth. Below is everything that is included in your seasonal pool closing:

  • Removal of handrails and diving boards
  • Vac to Waste debris from pool/spa
  • Drain pool/spa to proper levels
  • Removal of fittings and accessories
  • Removal of lights from niches
  • Blow lines of water & add antifreeze

  • Plug and secure all lines-standard plugs included
  • Final chemical treatment of pool/spa -3lbs shock and 1 qt winter algaecide are included
  • Break down and winterize equipment
  • Extract deck anchors for winter cover
  • Install winter cover

If you are interested in our Crystal Lake pool winterizing services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!