Pool Werks understands the importance of clean, clear, and most importantly safe swimming pool water. Our highly-trained and experienced pool maintenance and repair technicians customize our services to each individual pool. Correct pool maintenance programs and practices will ensure the safety and comfort of you and your pool. Proper pool maintenance will also prolong the life of your pool’s equipment. Take the time to enjoy your pool and leave all the hassle and worry to us.

Weekly Pool Service In Crystal Lake

– This service provides one pool cleaning or maintenance service per week on your Crystale Lake pool. This is recommended for a pool that is used every day or has an average bather load.

Every Other Week Pool Service (EOW)

– This service provides one pool service every other week on your pool (Wednesday only). This is only recommended if you are very proactive with your pool and understand basic pool chemistry and the proper chemical adjustments that are typically needed between pool services.

Every pool maintenance service we perform includes:

  • Water Quality Analysis-test for:
    • Chlorine/Bromine levels
    • pH
    • Cyanuric Acid
    • Alkalinity
    • Calcium Hardness
    • Salt levels (if required)
  • Balance pool water (chemicals charged as needed)
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Skim pool surface of debris
  • Scrub tile line

  • Clean pump basket
  • Clean skimmer baskets
  • Clean auto vac filter/Polaris bag and filter
  • Brush pool walls and floor as needed
  • Clean rails and slides as needed
  • Activate and run all features for sanitation
  • Check heater equipment and operations

  • Check the following filters:
    • Filter pressure
    • Backwash sand filter
    • Backwash and recharge D. E. Filter
    • Exchange dirty cartridge(s) for cartridge filters – (at an additional cost)
  • Fill chemical feeder system
  • Receive custom chemical report after every service

New to your pool? We also offer a get to know your pool orientation. Reach out to us today to learn more!