Installation of New Pool Equipment

If you have recently purchased new spa or pool equipment such as a pool heater or a new pump and filter system, let our experienced pool service team of Crystal Lake install it for you! Whether you are new to being a spa or pool owner or you have purchased pool equipment to replace or upgrade current swimming pool equipment, you want to leave the pool installation to the experts. When you hire the pool service experts at Pool Werks, we can ensure that everything is installed properly and we will make sure it is functioning before we leave. If, for whatever reason, you have trouble with the new pool equipment, we will handle any repairs or replacements that are necessary.

Repair of Pool Parts

No one likes when their spa and pool equipment breaks down or causes issues, especially during swimming season! If your pool begins showing any symptoms — leaks, plumbing problems, odd sounds — do not wait until it breaks, give us a call right away — it could be the difference between paying hundreds or thousands to get the issue fixed! Our pool service team will come out to perform a complete diagnostic assessment of the problem. Once our CPO certified technicians have diagnosed the issue, they will be able to discuss the options for pool equipment repair or replacement. Pool Werks is your trusted source to provide high quality, professional repairs on:

      • Pumps
      • Heaters
      • Filter systems
      • Salt chlorine generators
      • Chlorinators
      • Diving boards
      • Plumbing

  • Winter cover
  • Auto cover
  • Pool & Spa automation
  • Pool & Spa timers
  • Lights (traditional, LED, color changing LED)
  • Accessories (Polaris, slides, , handrails, ladders etc.)